Lewis Russell

Torrix TE

"Really pleased with my new rods, big thanks to John Cheeseman @ EatonRodCraft"

Andy Long

Torrix Avon 1.5lb

"Outstanding rods John, I'm delighted, thanks very much"

Jim A

Torrix 10ft Stalkers

"Rods came today, thanks for the fast delivery, they look and feel lovely, fishing with them tomorrow"

Custom made fishing rods, carp rods, harrison rods

Mike Trappe, Germany

Torrix 3.25

"I got a ring at my doorbell, hello UPS! I have the rods!! best quality, best packaging!!! Thanks a lot, your rods are awesome!!!!"

What do our clients have to say about us?

One of the great joys of being a custom rod builder is hearing the comments of our customers when they receive their new rods. We take huge pride in the quality of our work but don't take our word or it, here is a small selection of the feedback received here at ERC HQ.... 


Some of our FB feedback

Tom Lamb

Torrix 3lb

"Cheers John, Veeery happy with how they've turned out"

Eltez Spencer

"Wanted some new rods, spoke to John at ERC and he delivered me a dream, they are perfect!"

Dan Millard

Torrix TE

"Had a whack with the new rods at the weekend, really pleased with them, just need a carp on the end of them now!"

Roger Hicks

Acurix 2.75

"Rods arrived today mate, they are awesome, I'm well happy, thanks a lot."

Harrison Acurix

Dan Scholfield

With my past experience of buying custom rods not being very good I was not expecting to take that route again. However while walking my local lake I spotted John fishing with his own set of Harrison Torrix rods. This sparked up a conversation on rods and I was seriously impressed with the build quality of his rods. Having used the same brand of Century rods for many years now it was suggested during this conversation that I try some other rods out, not just his own but also some at a tackle shop to get a feel for the different brands, actions and test curves (John actually met me there to help advise while trying different rods). This proved to be a very fruitful experience, I was amazed!!! I love a rod that really bends but I discovered that there is a huge difference between a rod with power that really bends and a rod that bends and is just sloppy so you have no control (like I was currently using) After further discussion and many tries I fell in love with the Harrison Acurix which I ordered in chestnut brown. This suited my fishing style, margins to 100 yards with a few big fish, plenty of snags and weed requiring power and control to challenge the rod. Over the next week several emails and phone conversations with John allowed me to decide exactly what I wanted, we looked at guide types, guide spacing and its affect on the action, whippings and variations on the whippings. We worked through all the options on handles, full cork for me but even with that there were several choices to work through. With the specification settled on I was kept informed as to the rods progress and recieved them shortly afterwards despite me changing specifications on a couple of occasions! The experience from start to finish was one I can thoroughly recommend, the attention to detail from John and his knowledge aided me greatly. I am now the proud owner of a set of rods that were designed specifically for my fishing and have the power when needed. Not only that but the workmanship is second to none and they are a joy to look at!

Thanks John, I really appreciate your patience and advice, very very pleased with the outcome!!!

Century NG's

Al Brown

My pair of Centry Ng’s had kept me happy for 10 years but I was considering buying some new rods. John suggested that instead of buying new I had my NG’s rebuilt as there was plenty of life left in these old classics. 

I’d always fancied rods that looked minimalistic, I’ve never liked lots of bling, I really loved my old NG’s and I realised that if I got them custom built I could have want I had always wanted.

After lots of detailed discussion I made up my mind. I have to say the results were outstanding. I never thought my old rods could look like that. They were chipped, scratched with laquer coming away. Now they looked like a brand new set of rods. The best thing was the action was just as good as it had always been, they just looked much better. 

I have to thank john for the excellent advice and suggestions and the speed of the service provided

Kristian Kohlen, Germany

Trebuchet 12ft

"Hi John, the rods have arrived and I'm very impressed, Looking forward to taking them out sunday. I'll send you a pic with the reels on, looking awesome."