Reel seats and handle options

The fun bit! Whether you want old skool or ultra modern, the reel seat and handle gives the greatest scope for personalisation and expression. There are far too many to list here so I will outline our favourites. The good old Fuji DPS is by far the most popular reel seat in existence, excellent quality, timeless design and offering great value for money. The DPS is available with black, bright or gunsmoke colour hoods. The DNPS is a half hooded variant available in the same colours. The ALPS reel seat has become popular in the last couple of years, unique designs and beautiful quality set the ALPS range apart. The TriLok seat is the most well know but Trilex, Centra lock window and incredible new Wave Form are also well worth a look. FreeSpirit produce a carbon fetishists dream, a full woven carbon DPS style seat that combines form and function. 


The Choice of handle options is huge and best discussed in person. Full cork is making a huge and deserved comeback due to its practicality and beautiful looks but not all corks are equal, the quality used on modern rods varies massively but ERC only use the finest 'super grade' corks. Other options include abbreviated duplon, cork or shrink wrap, full duplon or shrink wrap or a super minimalist DPS with stainless collars.

Kigan 3D 40mm

Minima 40mm set

Fuji K series gunsmoke single leg


After the blank the guides are the most important aspect of your rod. There is a huge and confusing range of guides available with an array of patterns and guide materials. We can supply and build with most guide types but I will stick here to a few of our favourites. Fuji have long been the premier producer of guides in the world and have cemented their position with the introduction of the 'K' series guide. Its anti choking (frapping) properties have to be tried to be believed and I use them on all of my own rods. Variants include steel frame/Alconite centre, steel frame/SIC centre and the super light, revolutionary  but rather pricey Titanium frame/Torzite. The unique shape eliminates frapping and does away with the need for a 50mm butt (although 50's are available for those who insist!!)

 The most popular guides are Kigan 3D SIC guide combined with the excellent Kigan 'Z' tip. A very high quality guide at a sensible price and available in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm sets. The patented frame pattern makes these guides very tough without adding weight.

 From the American rod building scene comes the 'Minima' guide. Claimed 30% lighter than a conventional guide, the Minima does away with the traditional ceramic liner and instead uses a conventional steel frame combined with hard chrome liner. If 30% just aint enough for you, A titanium framed version has been released in 2013 for those that can afford them! Once again available in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm sets, the Minima range is perfect for offsetting the extra weight of a 50mm guide set.

 We can also supply guides from ALPS, Seymo, Rec and PacificBay

Products and suppliers


Harrison Advanced Rods

We use blanks from Harrison Advanced rods, producers of some of the finest blanks available. Harrison are responsible for some legendary rods from carping history and probably the best all round carp rod on the market, the Incredible Torrix. The current range caters for all anglers, no matter what your needs, from delicate margin rods to monster, all out distance rods. Blanks available include the ultimate all rounder 'Torrix' and more distance focused 'Torrix TE'. Legendary 'Ballista' and 'Baby Ballista'. The players dream 'Acurix'. The outright casting machine, four pound test curve 'Trebuchet' and its little brother the 'Trebuchet Lite'. For lovers of stalking there is also the 10ft Torrix stalker and 9 or 10ft Ballista stalker. All blanks are available as standard in 'Super matt' or clear gloss or for an extra touch of individuality the blank can be coloured in bottle green, burgundy, chestnut or blue for a small surcharge.

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A selection of metallic threads

Threads, Lacquer and Epoxy

These items may seem a little dull but they really are the things that hold your amazing new rods together and quality products are essential for the longevity of those rods. The range of thread colours is virtually limitless and we also have a stunning range of metallic threads that can be used to tip your whippings, add a flash of colour and lend a real individuality to your rods. Black whippings are by far the most popular and are very attractive but don't be afraid to add a little colour to your new rods, ask us about colour whippings and tippings and lets see what would suit your choice of blank colour.

 The lacquer used to finish your whippings is vitally important, it must be light, flexible and durable and also avoid 'yellowing' as it ages. ERC uses RodDancer Thread Master and Thread Master Lite. Thread Master is Gin clear, levels beautifully and features an enhanced cure cycle. We also use RodDancer epoxy resin for securing reel seats, butt caps and corks.

Century composites

Another producer of top quality, British designed and built blanks. Century have made some of the most legendary rods to grace the banks we we are proud to now offer custom built rods on Century blanks. Starting with the players rods you have the light a through action FBS (fatBoySlim) or for some old skool cool the stunning Armalite mkIII. Moving up the range you have one of the most famous names in carp fishing, the outstanding NG+ (NextGeneration) followed by the new ADV1 (ADVanced one) which is designed to sit between the NG and the more distance focused SP+ (SpecialPerformance) Finally, at the top of the casting spectrum you have the awe inspiring FMA (Force plus Mass = Acceleration) with its parallel butt section for maximum casting performance.

ProWrap metallic green/Fuji black

ProWrap 'old gold' and Fuji chestnut brown

Trims, collars, stainless etc

We offer a range of silver stainless steel winding checks, butt caps, rings and collars produced by Solar supreme stainless, FreeSpirit, H&H and Wayland among others. There are drilled aluminium winding checks in anodised black or clear coat silver. Other options include some natty little butt stops by Nash and H&H, hook keepers by H&H, Fuji and Seymo.