​​Eatonrodcraft no longer offers no longer offers a repair, upgrade or refurbishment service (except to existing clients on ERC built rods of course) and now concentrates solely on new builds


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Customised new build

So, is it really more expensive to have a custom built rod, or set of rods, than to simply buy some off-the-shelf items? It's a hard question to answer as it really does depend upon the specification chosen by you, the angler. However, a rod built to a similar specification to the standard rod, but with a few touches personal to you, will have a very similar price tag. And some tasty upgrades - like a cork handle or Fuji 'K' series guides - may well cost less than you expect. By far the best option is to drop us a line or send us an email so that we can discuss your personal requirements - what have you got to lose!

Here are some starting prices for reference...

Aviator Plus 12ft                 from £340

Aviator Plus 12'6                 coming soon

Aviator Plus 13ft                 from £360

Aviator TE  13ft                   from £370

Aviator Flex                         from £340

Aviator Dark                        from POA

Aviator Spod 13ft               from £300

Torrix                                    from £285

Torrix Extreme                   from £295

Trebuchet/light                 from £340

Acurix                                   from £265

Torrix stalker                      from £245

Ballista stalker                   from £235

Torrix Spod                         from £265

Trebuchet Spod                from £299

This is by no means an exhaustive list, please contact us for more information and products.