The vast majority of spod and marker rods are mass produced, far eastern products that have had very little, if any proper thought or development work put into them. Instead a 'big name' tackle company will simply select a rod from a Far Eastern manufacturer and have their brand name stamped on it before shipping them out to the tackle shops with a huge mark up. The rods all come out more or less the same, a standard DPS seat, cheap 50mm guides, a 'one size fits all' handle length and without fail zero development, original thought or care. The ERC S&M is an application rod built with a single minded obsession to build the best rod of its type possible. The S&M is built on exceptional Harrison blanks (hand made in Liverpool, England) with the best quality fittings from Fuji and finished with the care and devotion you would expect from EatonRodCraft. Each rod is custom made to order so that you, the user, can select a handle length and finish to the rod that suits you perfectly. 


Design and evolution of the S&M

After a decade of disappointment in commercially available marker rods I have finally got around to building what I truly believe to be an innovative and outstanding product in the application rod sector. I don't use a marker or spod rod for all of my angling but when it comes to having the right tool for the right job I can be rather demanding and have found that most commercially available marker rods are simply too soft, both in casting ability and the rigidity required to truly feel for those small variations in lake bed topography that can really make the difference. I often used my spod rods for marker work and eventually found myself just carrying the one rod for both jobs, simply clipping the line in the spool when the spot is found, then removing the marker and replacing it with a spod or spomb to deliver the required bait. This had the added benefit of lightening the load in the rod bag and speeding things up if I wanted to move quickly onto showing fish on another part of the lake. The only real downside was that the spod rod, although providing the power and rigidity required, was heavy and unwieldy. I thought for some time on what would make our ultimate application rod and dreamed up a wishlist of its ideal components. The eureka moment came when I first saw a Harrison Torrix spod rod, it was slim and light yet had the power and rigidity required for the job at hand. I recently built myself a set of Torrix 3.25's with the new Fuji 'K' series guides and was suitably in awe of their ability to add yards to a cast whilst virtually eliminating frap ups (something even more common with the braid we all use on application set ups). So specifying 'K' guides was a given. My next beef was with reel seats, the majority of app rods are fitted with a variation of the tried and tested Fuji DPS20. A fine reel seat, and comfortable to hold, but it requires packing between the blank and the seat for a perfect fit. What I really wanted was a seat that would allow that extra little percentage of feel, something that would allow my hands to rest directly on the rod blank instead of damping out those precious little vibrations that tell us what's going on beneath the surface. I remembered back to having a rod many years ago that had a clip up style reel seat that would be perfect - a root around in a Fuji catalogue revealed the perfect seat, a Fuji 'plate type' 'NS' reel seat which is whipped directly to the blank leaving the top of the black exposed to facilitate that incredible feel. The finished rod is the one you see in the gallery on this page and the results are even better than expected. Quite simply an innovative and outstanding application rod that deserves a place in any serious angler's rod bag. 



S&M in 'prime' spec listed above (K series Alconite guides)            £320

S&M with Kigan 50mm guide set                                                          £320

S&M with K series Titanium/Torzite guides                                        £499

S&M with ALPS CentraLock seat                                                           £350


Other options available, please contact us for details and quote


ERC CB (car boot) Stalker

ERC Aviator Dark

ERC S&M Application rod

EatonRodCraft Specials

ERC 'CB' stalker

9ft, 2lb12oz, three pieces 

The 'CB' or 'Car Boot' stalker is a wonderous little rod to use. Very light, beautifully slim and very forgiving with the power to stop big fish at close quarters. Don't be fooled by its delicate looks, this is one tough little rod that will help you land bonus fish from tight situations and provide endless joy to those that use it. The CB got its name from that fact that, when folded down, it's sections measure just three feet and will tuck away in most car boots, ready for action when a surprise opportunity arrises.

 The CB is built to order and can be altered to suit your preferences. Prices start at £199 for the specification pictured.

Under construction