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ERC 6/42S


Customised with green tipping, flared grip and laser etched cap

ERC 6/50

Customised with carbon grip and gloss finish

ERC 9/42

Customised with silver tipped burgundy thread

Harrison Aviator landing net

Harrison 9ft landing net

Harrison Torrix net

Harrison Duplex net

ERC Landing nets

ERC 9/50

Standard build including Matrix block 

ERC Landing nets

I produce three nets that all have the option of having 42in or 50in arms. 

ERC 9/42 and 9/50 net

A woven carbon Harrison Aviator pole thats both strong and light. Built in two pieces with a reinforced overfit joint the main section is six feet long and can be used on its own or with the three foot extension to take it out to nine feet. Absolutely ideal when using long zigs or for reaching past bankside obstructions. Supplied with Harrison carbon arms, a Matrix black alloy block and quality green mesh and a Fuji rubber cap to protect the bottom of the six foot section when in transit or being used without the extension.

ERC 6/42 and 6/50 net

A woven carbon Harrison pole, six feet, one piece construction. Harrison carbon arms in 42in or 50in , Matrix alloy block and green mesh.

ERC 6/42S and 6/50S stalker/boat nets

Woven carbon Harrison pole, six feet in length and split into two pieces via a reinforced overfit joint. Folds down to the length of the 42in arms for ease of transport. Also ideal for use as a boat net where a six foot pole can be cumbersome and hard to control.


Full custom builds are available, call or email me for details and pricing. My standard build which includes the Matrix block, green mesh, shrink wrap handle and plain whippings are as follows...

ERC 9/42   £209

ERC 9/50  £219

ERC 6/42   £179

ERC 6/50  £189

ERC 6/42S £189

ERC 6/50S £199                                                                                                                                                  (all nets are built to order)