Harrison Torrix 3.25

With Kigan 50's and ALPS TriLok

Harrison Torrix TE

In UltraMatt with ALPS TriLok

ERC Torrix application rods

ERC Torrix TE RC1

Minima 4 TiCh with ALPS CentraLock

Torrix  TE

Fully blacked out 'Ninja' style with ALPS TriLok and 50mm Kigan 3D guide set

HarrisonTorrix Spod and Marker  carp fishing rods

UltramattTorrix 3.25

with matt ALPS TriLok

Custom carp rods gallery 1, Harrison Torrix

12'6 Torrix TE

Burgundy blanks with ALPS and Fuji K guides

HarrisonTorrix te

with Fuji K guides and full cork

Torrix 3.25

In Burgundy with ALPS seats and abbreviated cork

Harrison Torrix TE 12'6

In bottle green and minimalist finish

Harrison Torrix 3.25lb

With Kigan 50's and full cork

Torrix 3.25

Ultramatt blank's with Fuji K guides and ALPS seats

Matte Torrix  3lb

Minimalist build with all black trim

Harrison Torrix TE

UltraMatte with K guides and ALPS TriLok

Torrix TE

With ALPS CentraLock and Fuji K series Titanium guides

Harrison Torrix 3.25

with a nice, minimalist build.

HarrisonTorrix 12ft 2.75lb

with Fuji K guides and full Duplon