Chestnut Acurix 3lb by ERC

Traditionally styled Acurix with Fuji K series SIC

Harrison Acurix Gallery

Fuji K high Alconite

Acurix 12ft 2.5lb

In Burgundy with gloss gun smoke ALPS TriLok and Minima 3 guides

Acurix 12ft 3lb

Fuji K guides, ALPS seats and whippings double tipped in sapphire blue.

Acurix 12ft 2.5lb

With custom carbon grips, size 16 WaveForms and polished aluminium trim.

Acurix 12ft 2.75 lb

In UltraMatt with full cork,  gloss gun smoke ALPS TriLok and Minima 3 guides.

Harrison Acurix 2.75 

Mindbogglingly beautiful burgundy Acurix with Fuji Torzite guides

Harrison Acurix 2.75 by ERC

UltraMatt blanks with gun smoke seats and wooden fore grips