Chestnut Acurix 3lb by ERC

Traditionally styled Acurix with Fuji K series SIC

Harrison Acurix 2.75 by ERC

UltraMatt blanks with gun smoke seats and wooden fore grips

Harrison Baby Ballista

11ft 3lb with un-ground blanks and Fuji K guides

Acurix 12ft 2.75 lb

In UltraMatt with full cork,  gloss gun smoke ALPS TriLok and Minima 3 guides.

Acurix 12ft 2.5lb

In Burgundy with gloss gun smoke ALPS TriLok and Minima 3 guides

Harrison Acurix 3lb by ERC

A stunning set of Hutchy inspired Harrisons.

Acurix 12ft 3lb

Fuji K guides, ALPS seats and whippings double tipped in sapphire blue.

Harrison Acurix Gallery

Fuji K high Alconite