​With new builds forming the vast majority of my work I'm afraid that re-builds, repairs , refurbishment  and up-grades will be off the menu for the foreseeable future

​With new builds forming the vast majority of my work I'm afraid that re-builds, repairs , refurbishment  and up-grades will be off the menu for the foreseeable future


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Refurbishment case study

The Century NG's that really had seen better days!

Refurbishing a beloved set of rods can be very satisfying for both the client and for us. The tattier the rods presented for refurbishment, the more satisfying the outcome can be which was why we were delighted to be presented with some of the most mangey looking Century NG's you can imagine. These rods had been abused for many years by a truly all year round angler. Often used on swift work overnighters and then packed into a holdall in the early hours, still damp with dew, and stuffed into a hot car for the day, they had seen action with large carp, pike and eels and, from the look of things, had done a few rounds with a belt sander! The first job was to strip the rod of all its fixtures and fittings before evaluating the blank which, although looking very tatty indeed was found to be sound. The clear coat needed to be removed from the blank, this is a long and labourious (and messy!) task but totally necessary if the required results are to be achieved. Once stripped down completely the blanks were found to be in very good order (proof positive of the old adage 'you get what you pay for'). The client had specified a minimalist build that included Fuji SIC twin leg guides, a Fuji DPS18 reel seat with stainless collars and a short shrink wrap butt grip with stainless collar. The chosen fittings were fixed and then whipped in dark green with tasteful black toppings and the final touch was to seal the blank and give it a polish. Take a look at the 'before and after' pics below, we think you'll agree that the transformation is stunning. 

Refurbishment and restoration

Us anglers are a funny old bunch and it is not unusual for us to get attached to a rod or set of rods. Some memorable catches or trips, hardships endured while saving up for them, or just a simple love or their attributes. The problem is that our rods survive in a fairly harsh environment, especially in our UK climate! In the course of a season they can be soaked for days on end, baked in a heatwave, frozen, exposed to the sun as well as rattling around in the back of a car and being pushed to the limits by casting big leads or bags and (hopefully) playing big fish. All of this will take a toll on a fishing rod and our pride and joy can often end up looking tired before its time. It is often the casen that (at least on higher quality rods) the blank itself still has a useful life, even if its varnish is cracked, chipped or peeling, its guides are falling off and the handle has been chewed by mice! Help is at hand! 

We can rebuild most rods out there, as long as the carbon blank itself is serviceable. Your rods may just require new whippings and a tidy up, or in some cases they may need to be stripped back to the bare carbon and started afresh (see the case study below to see what we can do). Call us for an appointment or email us some pictures and details of your rods and we can see what can be done to inject some new life into your favoured sticks.

Repairs and upgrades

Guides get broken from time to time but fitting a new one is not a big deal. Contact us with the details of your rod and which guide/s are broken and we can get you a new one fitted in no time. We can normally also repair or replace a handle that has been damaged or chewed by mice (they really do love a good chew on some Duplon from time to time!) Email us a picture of the damage and we will evaluate what can be done.


We can also upgrade the handle or guides on your rods. Cork handle conversions are currently very popular with anglers seeking a more personal or traditional look to their rods. On most rods this requires the butt ring to be removed and then refitted at the end of the upgrade. The finished result is visually very pleasing and the process also gives you the option to specify a few goodies like a carbon line clip or some sexy stainless collars. In many cases it is also possible to upgrade the guides should you be unhappy with the ones fitted, this also gives you the chance to specify the whipping colour should you so wish.

Bespoke custom built new rods carp rods

Using blanks from the UK's leading manufacturer, Harrison Advanced Rods, ERC can help you realise the dream of your perfect fishing rod. With the cost of new, factory built rods soaring why would you settle for a rod designed to a budget and built in a factory when you can have a set of rods built to your specification, by craftsmen on blanks designed and built in the UK by some of the world's best? Something that can't be bought off-the-shelf, the feeling that you own something unique to you, something built to your personal requirements and something that you will see no other angler on the bank using. If you are in the market for a new set of rods then take the time to get in touch and see what we can do for you.

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